Anders and Rachelle


Rachelle M.M. Adams, Ph.D.



The University of Texas, Austin, TX (Dec. 2008)

Ph.D., Section of Integrative Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
  • Title: Unraveling the Origins of Social Parasitism in Megalomyrmex Ants
  • Advisors: Profs. Ulrich Mueller and Mike Ryan
  • The University of Montana, Missoula, MT (May 1997)

    B.A., Division of Biological Sciences, Ecology and Behavior Emphasis

    Postdoctoral Positions

    Postdoctoral Researcher/Instructor (April 2012 to December 2015)

    University of Copenhagen, Department of Biology, Denmark

    Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow (March 2010 to March 2012)

    University of Copenhagen, Department of Biology, Denmark

    Smithsonian Institution Molecular Evolution Postdoctoral Fellow (2009 and 2013)

    Smithsonian Institution, Department of Entomology, Washington, D.C.

    Assistant Professor

    Assistant Professor (January 2016 to Present)

    The Ohio State University, Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, Columbus, OH

    Areas of interest: Chemical ecology, Venom alkaloid characterization, Symbiosis, Behavioral ecology, Phylogenetics, Reproductive strategies, Metagenomics, Disease evolution

    PhD Students

    Conor Hogan



    Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA (May 2016)

    B.S. Biology, Minor in Chemistry
  • Title: Natural Products Chemistry of Ants and Millipedes
  • Advisor: Dr. Tappey H. Jones

  • Areas of interest: Chemical ecology, natural products chemistry, behavioral ecology, ecological biochemistry

    Undergraduate Students

    Cody Cardenas


    Research Project title: A revisionary study of Trachymyrmex zeteki (Formicidae: Attini) and description of a new species, Trachymyrmex fovater sp. n.

    See poster here

    Mazie Davis


    Research Project title: To sting or not to sting: when social parasites use their venomous weaponry

    See poster here

    Emily Katula


    Major: Biochemisty

    Project: Working with PhD student Conor Hogan on ant alkaloid antimicrobials

    Student Research Collaborators

    Stefanie Neupert

    email: Stefanie.Neupert at

    Research Project title: Are parasitized host ants more tolerant toward foreign ants?